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In this act, Benoît juggles with 3 to 5 balls and continues his number by juggling pins. These accessories can glow in the dark with appropriate lighting adding a differ [...]

Benoit Fournier - Magician
Benoit Fournier

Close-up Magic

This type of magic is done close to the spectators by going from table to table or walking around the spectators. (Walk around).

Magicians such as David Blain and Criss Angel have often used this technique.

This is the type of magic usually used at festivals, weddings, corporate events, seminars, conventions, private or themed evenings or in restaurants and bars. This magic is appropriate wherever the magician is required to interact with the public.

Being just a few inches from the spectators, this type of magic is most impressive and will create the greatest reactions.

To accomplish his micro-magic, Benoît uses small items like cards, money, rings, ropes, and spoons.

This is an interesting concept, which will provide great enjoyment for everyone.


Benoît Fournier

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