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Description of concept : During this event you will have the possibility of seeing three aerial acts which are done with the double trapeze, the silk and the hoop. Fu [...]

Benoit Fournier - Magician
Benoit Fournier


In this act, Benoît juggles with 3 to 5 balls and continues his number by juggling pins. These accessories can glow in the dark with appropriate lighting adding a different dimension to the act. For the finale, he can amaze the crowd by juggling swords or ignited pins while on a balancing board.

This performance is offered by combining lighting, agility, danger and magic. The juggler can even balance up to 4 chairs on his chin.

This entertaining act lasts 5 to 10 minutes.

Benoît can also perform juggling while walking around and entertaining a crowd.

For juggling workshops, see the CIRCUS section.


Benoît Fournier

514 894 7033