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Show: Benoît the magician can offer you a show combining both circus and magic with the participation of the circus Carpediem. This show includes magic and an acrobatic [...]

Benoit Fournier - Magician
Benoit Fournier


To add more rhythm and atmosphere to your evenings or meetings, percussions are an ideal choice. Benoît can bring 2 type of percussion instruments that will pleasantly mix with all types of music. If you are looking for a more metallic sound, one that will mix well with house and techno, the Darbouka is the ideal instrument. Then again, if you are looking for a more traditional, tribal sound, the Djambe will be sure to please.

It is also possible to connect the percussions to a sound system using a special wireless microphone that allows Benoît to play along with the DJ’s music as he walks among the crowd.


Benoît Fournier

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